Fragrance Oil Scent Profiles

^Phthalate Free - Paraben Free - SLS + SLES - Vegan and Cruelty Free (not tested on animals)

* = Natural Fragrance Oil (NFO)


Honey Almond^ #ButterdBaeFav

A rich, nutty blend of sweet honey and almond extract

Berries & Rose Water*

Rose petals and strawberry are kissed with red fruits of currant and raspberry, caramel, and vanilla

Herbal Citrus*

Tart, citrus scents with an herbal tea and bergamot undertone

Honey I Dew*

Refreshing and sweet melon

Lime in the Coconut*

Lemon and limeade blend with sweet coconut cream and vanilla


Juicy and delicious watermelon with a refreshing hint of peppermint


 Top notes of mandarin, orange, and grapefruit, middle notes of peach, coconut and jasmine, with base notes of vanilla and raspberry-peach.

Wild Peach

top notes of juicy peach, berries, floral apple and plum with a heart of vanilla, coconut and nuances of banana and pineapple

Cucumber Melon^

Fresh and clean, deliciously sweet,and refreshing

Coconut Cream

Sweet and creamy with nuances of sweet burnt sugar, cinnamon and peach at the heart of the fragrance

Lemon Sugar^

Like sugared fruit candy, this scent has the fresh, bright qualities of lemon while adding to the sweetness with a sugary, sharp note.

Sizzlin Strawberries

An intoxicating blend of strawberry, champagne and bright cassis



Essential Oil


A beautiful gardenia scent composed of muguet, jasmine, strawberry, and grape, middle notes of lilac and amber, and a soft, violet base

Sweet Pea & Ivy^

A soft, fruity, fresh green ivy with top notes of juniper and ylang-ylang, floral middle notes, and a dry herb base.



Butterd Vanilla*

A sugary blend of rich vanilla, sweet coconut, and creamy butter

Sweater Weather*

The slightest breeze carries the crisp sweetness of lemon, bergamot, and crisp apple. Get cozy when warm cashmere, jasmine, and labdanum notes drift to hints of amber, vanilla, and cedarwood

Cozy Vibes*

Cool coconut nectars drip to thick caramel and creamy vanilla notes. As the sweetness evaporates, it leaves behind pure honey and brown sugar aromas

Oatmeal Milk and Honey^

Sweet honey, creamy milk, and warm oats.


Buttercream maple, nutmeg and toasted walnut, having cinnamon, cocoa and cherry mid notes settle into the sweetness of vanilla and silky tonka bean.

Moonlit Skies^

Powdery blend of rose, lily of the valley, and jasmine with a beautiful musk base.

Warm Vanilla Sugar^

Sweet, vanilla aroma with top notes of creamy coconut milk and rosewood, mid notes of gentle jasmine petals and caramelized vanilla sugar, with a base note of exotic amber musk.

Peariful Vanilla^

Juicy pear smothered in sweetened vanilla

Honey & Vanilla^

An inviting blend of sweet honey and true vanilla


Arabian Blanco Musk^

A soft and simple musk with a sandalwood base makes up this fresh, warm, and woodsy scent

African Musk^

A delicate musk atop notes of orange and eucalyptus. A clean, fresh, fragrant scent

White Charcoal*

A burst of orange zest, cedar leaf and fresh mint, leading to a heart of balsam, geranium, and white charcoal. Vanilla bean, patchouli, and nutmeg provide an added sophistication

Vanilla Shadows^

Cozy & warm vanilla with a soft amber base


Classic, rich, warm scent of sandalwood

Palo Santo*

 Joined with complimenting notes of saffron, tobacco leaf, sage, and amber incense while papaya and lavender add a familiar tone.


Apple Cinnamon^

Crisp apple and warm cinnamon

Candy Apple Caramel^

Crisp green apples combine with sweet, warm, and smooth caramel

Fall Festival*

A warm blend of apple, cinnamon, caramel, and walnut.