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Alpha Beard Oil

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They say you can tell a lot about a man by the way his beard looks!

Our Alpha Beard Oil provides you with a warm, woody, and sweet musk fragrance. This product is packed with the best carrier oils that moisturize, cleanse and strengthen the facial hair. Alpha is also infused with essential oils, such as Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang, which act as natural aphrodisiacs.


Argan Oil: - Moisturizes and nourishes hair - Treats dandruff and scalp problems - Strengths thin and brittle hair - Rich in Vitamin E which repairs hair shaft - Antioxidants boost cell growth resulting in healthy hair - Eliminates dry and frizzy hair into smooth lustrous and softer hair

Castor Oil: - This oil contains ricinoleic acid which strengths roots - Treats scalp infection and itchy scalp

Jojoba Oil: - Frizz free and shiner hair - Light and easily absorbed - Cleanses hair and unclogs follicles - Retains moisturize - Antimicrobial properties protect from infections and relief from inflammation - Packed with Vitamin E, Copper, Zinc, and Silicon which hydrates the and soothes the hair

Avocado Oil: - Excellent source of potassium and amino acids and protein - Unclogs hair follicles - Hair regeneration - Vitamin E repairs hair shaft while Vitamin B boosts hair growth

Clary Sage: - Contains an ester called linalyl acetate that helps to heal rashes and reduce skin inflammation - Balances the production of oil - Antioxidant that helps prevent hair loss

Ylang Ylang: - Ideal for dry scalps and stimulates sebum production

Rosemary: - Thickness and hair growth - Improves cellular generation

Added fragrance: Amber and Vanilla

Directions: Apply a few drops to your mustache and beard and gently rub or brush the product into hair. Be sure to apply product at the root to help with any irritation caused by dry and flaky skin/hair.

If you experience any allergic reactions while using product, discontinue use immediately.

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Each jar is filled in volume not weight.

Care Instructions

Oils - When placed in cooler areas, item may solidify. Simply place it in a warm and dry space to allow for product to return to it's natural state.

Butters - When placed in warmer areas, item may solidify. Simply place it in a cool and dry space to allow for product to return to it's natural state.

Please note, there may be a possibility that the item will not return to the shape that it was recieved in once solifidied.

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